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"A very effective book for parents! This book has a no-nonsense approach for parents struggling with difficult or ODD kids/teens. I have read many books on this subject and this book is short, easy to understand and is of great support for parents. My daughter has had these developing problems starting from age 10 through her current age of 14. I have used this book frequently to help manage her defiant ways. It has been a wonderful tool of strength for me. She is getting better with therapy and by using behavior management tools at home and school. This is a must-read book for parents in this situation and not expensive at all for the knowledge you gain. Thank you Dr. Riley."
From a Barnes and Nobel reviewer

"Wished this was available years ago!! This book would be good for any parent with a child with O.D.D. (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). If your child has been diagnosed with O.D.D. or it has ever even been suggested that this disorder is what has been causing your child's behavior you need to read this as soon as possible. Dr. Riley has some great suggestions for helping parents deal with the oppositional child. My child is now 18 and I wish someone would have offered me this book year ago. After reading this book, if you even suspect that this is what your child's problem is, find a therapist who specializes in O.D.D. It will help you and your child in the long run."
From R. Schroeder, a Barnes and Nobel reviewer

"We have implemented some of the techniques. I would say between intervention through our local Family mental health facility working with our daycare, along with giving his teacher copies from sections in the book ~ my child's behavior has done a 360 and we are very pleased. It has also given me insight to the adult O.D.D. person, the 7 year old husband I often tell people I have, this book has blindsided me with helping my marriage."
From an Amazon reviewer

This book (The Depressed Child) not only describes the symptoms of depression, but also gives parents a plan to "rescue" their children. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is highly readable and understandable.
From an Amazon reviewer

"This book is very practical and has a lot of great advice. Be warned, however, that it would be important to read the entire book before implementing some of the methods outlined in the stories. I have been struggling with my strong-willed, angry, defiant child for years. The key here is to communicate in no uncertain terms that you are the parent and he/she is the child. The child has no rights and you have every right to expect their behavior to be respectful and pleasant. For years conflicts with our defiant child have brought division between my husband and myself. Finally, a book that clarifies the situation clearly so that we can both see the ride we are being taken on by our defiant child. Now we have the upper hand, we are able to communicate our genuine love and concern for our child (14-year-old boy), and peace reigns in our home as we are seeing our child turn into a happy, well-adjusted, child instead of defiant, angry, manipulative and unthankful!! After the second week of using these methods my child was pleasant, cooperative, obedient, and talking more. We are now seeing his sense of humor return and enjoying one another. The icing on the cake was that he prepared a gourmet breakfast for me on my birthday! What a pleasant outcome!"
From Kathy, an Amazon reviewer

"I just got this book today, and with a husband that works 3rd shift and three boys ages ranging from 9-16 (one of which has ODD), I've only had about 20 minutes to myself to read some of this tonight. I have never written a review for anything online before, but I haven't even read all of chapter one and I am hooked!! This book has already had me laughing. Dr. Riley could have been writing this book from my living room. He's got my son pegged to a T!...I can't wait to get my kids off to bed so I can sit and read this book."
From Michelle, an Amazon reviewer

"I am a stepfather and married into a package deal: long lost love, defiant teenager. While I was no professional, I knew that there was something terribly wrong with this child's world view and decision making. At times, the anger and open defiance seemed totally nonsensical. I read The Defiant Child and found a GOOD description of my stepchild as well as practical steps you can take to influence the child in positive ways. I had a thoroughly defeated wife who was convinced nothing would work. My having her read the book, she came out of her paralysis and we were able to develop a united front (essential) and started effecting some changes. Our daughter is still no angel but she is sure easier to cope with now. She is even enjoyable at times. You just have to arm yourself with knowledge, patience and love and keep pressing. I found the books insights very helpful and I used them as guidelines in developing my own strategies. I was so impressed with the results that I've gotten, I have GIVEN the book to other "burned out" parents and they love it too. Douglas Riley was a Godsend."
From an Amazon reviewer.

"With a child of 7 who recently was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD this book is helping us deal with some very difficult and scary situations. In addition to counseling, this book has been a good place to turn to when questions and concerns need to be addressed. This book was very informative and easy to read. It gives a concise easy to understand description of ODD and explains the disorder from the child's perspective very accurately. The authors goes on to give sound advice on how to handle conflicts and tough situations that can become daily battles at home and school. I'm hoping we will not still need this book in the teen years, but I'll keep it close by just in case we do."
From an Amazon reviewer