Clinical Services from Dr. Douglas Riley

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, specializing in individual counseling with children ranging in age from three to 19. In particular, my work with very young children heavily involves the parents, as it is my intent to train the parent in methods that will help them to modify their child's behavior. My areas of interest include 'oppositional, defiant behavior, 'explosive behavior, especially with younger children who assault parents, teachers, and peers and are in danger of being removed from preschool or school because of their behavior'; depression and suicidal thinking on the part of children and teenager; anxiety disorders; and psychological testing for issues related to mood, behavior, learning, and attention/concentration.

I am available for individual consultations at my office Monday through Friday. I am happy to schedule individual telephone consultations for those individuals who live outside of easy driving distance to the Newport News, Virginia area.

My office phone number is 757 833-8144 during normal business hours.