Welcome!  Here you will find advice on how to deal with three serious childhood issues: hidden causes of explosive behavior, and practical solutions; how to understand and parent defiant children; and how to rescue children from depression.  Please feel free to click on the menu boxes on the left side of this page, and explore.


On a lighter note, you will also find information on how to deal with children who are great kids by any standard, but who also happen to be driving you nuts because they keep their bedrooms like disaster areas, make you repeat every request, or fight with their siblings to the point that you want to move out yourself!  

I'll teach you how to deal with them by using your sense of humor in my newest book, Dr. Riley's Box of Tricks. Here's what reviewers have had to say:

"The secret weapon for battling some of the constant challenges parents face."  USA Weekend magazine


"A treasure trove of unconventional suggestions." Scholastic Parent & Child magazine





If you're a parent, or a teacher, school counselor, or mental health professional who works with explosive children, and conventional methods like time out, warning, take aways, and bargaining have failed to work for you, you might want to check out What Your Explosive Child Is Trying To Tell You.  It  was awarded the prestigeous Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal in 2009 for parenting books. It will teach you how to recognize and treat the eleven hidden causes of childhood explosive behavior. It is also available through all major book stores and web-based book sellers.






Children will enjoy Quark Blows His Top, a cartoon book by Dr. Riley about a lovable alien and his friends, all of whom explode too often. By reading about Quark, your child will learn how to stay calm when faced with situations that usually result in meltdowns. Quark Blows His Top is a combination storybook, workbook, and coloring book for children between the ages of four and seven, and will be a valuable companion to What Your Explosive Child Is Trying To Tell You. School counselors will especially find it helpful to use in individual and group counseling with children whose classroom behavior is explosive or unpredictable.

Download Dr Riley's Newest E-book, "Quark Blows His Top!".






"I give this book a five-star rating. I cannot recommend it too highly. It ... saved my son from being sent to a residential treatment facility.
L. Weppler

The Defiant Child - Book Cover

Order The Defiant Child at Amazon.comThe Defiant Child bookcover

"I have just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know... I have nominated you for a Nobel Peace Prize.... Your book was truly the first resource to provide concrete examples, alternative recommendations, and insight into the minds of the children... After only four days of reading this, significant harmony has been restored in our lives.... We no longer walk on eggshells... Phenomenal material."
C. Urbonas

The Depressed Child - Book Cover

Order The Depressed Child at Amazon.comThe Depressed Child bookcover

"In the Depressed Child Dr. Riley has crafted an accessible and supportive guide for parents of children in emotional distress. Speaking as a mother, this poignant and timely work is right on target...."
Julia Thorne, author of You are Not Alone: Words of Experience and Hope for the Journey Through Depression.